Reimold undecided about second epidural

Orioles outfielder Nolan Reimold has an appointment to receive a second epidural injection in his spine from Dr. Lee Riley, a neck specialist, but he isn’t sure whether he’ll keep it.

Reimold is leaning in that direction, but he’s been told that the shot will only ease the pain he’s experiencing from a herniated disk in his cervical spine, not the numbness and weakness in his left thumb, arm and shoulder.

“The pain I can tolerate,” he said.

“The doctor said we can do another one, but there’s no guarantee it will help. He thinks it’s progressing, which it has. I feel better. I’m working out and doing all the stuff to stay in the best shape I can, doing all the exercises that I can. But we may just take some time.

“I might get the shot. He said there’s a better chance it will help the pain than the numbness and the weakness. The strength is coming back. If I didn’t play baseball, I wouldn’t get another one, but since I do... It’s not like I can perform well when I have numbness and weakness. It’s just one of those things that may take some time.”

I’d expect Reimold, who hasn’t played since April 30, to get the second injection. We may have an answer as early as tomorrow.

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