O’s, MLB unable to move Sept. 5 game for Ravens

The Orioles have issued a statement regarding the Sept. 5 night game against the Chicago White Sox, which is blocking the Ravens from playing the NFL season opener at home that night.

The team and league were unable to find a way to move the game to allow for the Thursday night contest usually awarded to the Super Bowl champions.

Here’s the full statement:

“The Orioles have great respect for the Super Bowl Champion Ravens and thank Major League Baseball, the MLB Players Association, and the White Sox for doing everything possible to work with us to explore all options to reschedule the September 5 game. We also appreciate the work of the NFL and the Ravens over the past several weeks as we attempted to accommodate the Ravens’ interest in a game the same evening. Given the limited options available to reschedule the game at that late date in the season, the parties jointly determined that even an earlier start time would still create such enormous logistical difficulties that it would greatly diminish the fan experience for both events which all parties realized would not be in the interest of their fans or the City.”

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