Reimold talks about going on DL

Orioles outfielder Nolan Reimold is hopeful that he can return from the disabled list as soon as he’s eligible on May 27, but there’s no way to be certain on this day. He’s going to continue receiving treatment on his right hamstring and see how it responds.

Reimold hasn’t played since last Saturday. The Orioles placed him on the 15-day DL today after manager Buck Showalter talked it over with Reimold.

“I had those days off where I hadn’t played, and then when I did play, I wasn’t exactly on base to aggravate it anymore,” said Reimold, who’s batting .188 with four home runs in 31 games.

“It doesn’t feel too bad right now, so I’m hoping it will resolve quickly and I’ll get back quick.

“I didn’t know really about the DL until yesterday. It was kind of suggested to me. I told him I could probably keep grinding it out and keep playing or we discussed the options. And I’ve already had seven days where I haven’t played. We could take those days and retroactive it and take care of it once and for all.

“We discussed it for a little bit, and that’s the conclusion we came to.”

Reimold didn’t play after April last year because of a herniated disc in his neck that required surgery. He was restricted to DH duty for a while in spring training because of a sore right shoulder, and the hamstring became an issue.

“It’s obviously disappointing,” Reimold said. “I thought I’d be playing better, too. But it’s probably for the best in the long run, the big picture, to get it taken care of and come back and feel fresh and get another crack at it.

“There were times when, just walking, it would tug. Going up stairs, I could feel it tugging pretty good. Then other times it wasn’t too bad. Playing, it would aggravate and tighten back up and be a real nuisance, I guess. And there were times I’d be on base and that’s why I was getting pinch-ran for at the end of the game. I don’t consider myself a slow person, but if you’ve got to make that first to third or first to home, you have to be able to run and change direction. But I always went as hard as I could, to be honest. I always ran as hard as I could, but I had limitations.”

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