Showalter optimistic about Machado’s recovery time from injury (update)

The Orioles are waiting for team orthopedist Dr. John Wilckens to read the MRI on Manny Machado’s left knee. The club should have an update on the third baseman’s condition after batting practice.

It sounds as though the news is better than anticipated. Showalter confirmed that Machado won’t play again in the final six games, but he added, “I feel very confident that Manny will be playing for us early in the year next year, but it won’t be this year. And I feel confident of that regardless of what Dr. Wilckens finds out.”

Showalter didn’t want to say too much before Wilckens reviewed the MRI, which has been read by the radiologist.

Machado left yesterday’s game at Tropicana Field in the seventh inning after his left knee buckled at first base. He was wheeled off the field with his leg immobilized.

“We should have a pretty good idea what we’re dealing with post-BP, so I’m not going to sit here and speculate on that part of it until all parties kind of weigh in,” Showalter said. “So far, so good.”

Machado is expected at Camden Yards later this afternoon.

Showalter stated again that he should have removed Alexi Casilla immediately after yesterday’s collision with Nick Markakis. Casilla did a good job of convincing Showalter and the athletic trainers that he was fine, behaving normally and appearing to be clear-headed. However, Showalter checked on Casilla again in the dugout after the inning and noticed a different look in his eyes.

“I didn’t realize how much contact,” Showalter said. “I look back on it and I probably made a mistake leaving him in there. I let him talk me into it. He answered the right questions that the trainer had. He’s a hard read, too. He’s a tough kid.”

Wilckens is going to check Casilla’s right thumb, which he jammed on the play.

Update: Showalter said he owes the Rays medical staff an apology for venting yesterday about the diagnosis on Machado’s knee that was passed along to the Orioles training staff. Showalter was being protective of his player and said he “probably jumped the gun a little bit emotionally yesterday. They do a great job there. All these clubs do.

“I just don’t like the speculation when you’re dealing with somebody, but I probably overreacted to that a little bit. But it’s pretty emotional for me where my players are concerned and I’m trying to protect them. And so are they. They do a great job there.”

Showalter said he’d be optimistic about Machado’s condition no matter what the radiologist said.

“So far, it’s better than it could have been,” Showalter said.

Asked about Machado’s frame of mind, Showalter said, “I’ll tell you what I think has helped him a lot is his teammates. I think the big thing is the support he’s getting from his teammates that made him feel a lot better. I think it scared him a lot, too. I know it scared the umpires. They were looking at it.

“We got real lucky with Casi. Looking back on it, we got real lucky. And Nick. Nick just gives you that look, but I’m sure he’s pretty sore, too.”

Casilla said told reporters today that he didn’t remember the collision or returning to the clubhouse.

“It was a reminder to me about getting those guys out of the game, and I’ve done it 99 percent of the time,” Showalter said. “For some reason, he really sold Brian and I. He was right on the score, everything. He had it all wired. Then he tells you that today. Kind of tells you how the brain works, I guess. Tough kid. He almost made a hell of a play.

“I went down to him as soon as the inning was over to double-check on him and he had a different look in his eyes than he had when we were out there, real faraway. Just distant eyes, so to speak, that we didn’t see out there. He was engaged and adamant and what. But he didn’t have that in the dugout. Brian (Ebel) and I kind of looked at each other. I turned to Casi and said, ‘You’re done.’ He goes, ‘No, I’m good,’ and I said, ‘No, you’re done.’”

Ryan Flaherty is starting tonight at third base. Other candidates mentioned by Showalter included Danny Valencia, Jonathan Schoop, Steve Clevenger and Chris Davis. He joked about Adam Jones wanting to do it.

Showalter said Michael Morse wasn’t an option to play third.

For the Blue Jays
Jose Reyes SS
Munenori Kawasaki DH
Brett Lawrie 3B
Adam Lind 1B
Moises Sierra RF
Anthony Gose CF
J.P. Arencibia C
Ryan Goins 2B
Kevin Pillar LF

Todd Redmond RHP

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