Showalter speaks after 4-2 loss

The Orioles are 1-4 in games after walk-off wins following tonight’s 4-2 loss to the White Sox before 20,596 at Camden Yards.

I’m not sure what you should do with that information, but there it is.

Here’s manager Buck Showalter to discuss Miguel Gonzalez’s outing, the Orioles going 1-for-9 with runners in scoring position tonight and 3-for-20 in the past two games, Caleb Joseph’s failure to tag Alexei Ramirez in the eighth and his decision to pinch-hit Ryan Flaherty for Joseph:

On Gonzalez
“OK. I think it gets magnified because of how well (Jose) Quintana was pitching. Bent, but didn’t break. Kept us engaged in the game. Gave us some chances. His command was off from what we’ve come to expect. He fought his way through five innings.

“I thought Mac (T.J. McFarland) was good again. It was good to get Zach (Britton) back out there. He had three days off. He was going to pitch regardless. But you’re not going to go out every night and carry everything, so the ability to get through that and keep us engaged in the game was big for us. The tack-on run hurt us a little bit there in the eighth.”

On another poor night with RISP
“Their pitcher’s real good. We knew that coming in. I’ve always really liked him from afar. Unfortunately, we’ve faced him a few times. We knew he was going to present a problem. Maybe if you’re counting a baserunner here and there, yeah, but it didn’t seem like we ever... We squared up a couple balls early, but there wasn’t a lot of good contact off him. Not real comfortable at-bats.”

On whether being 3-for-20 with RISP is a product of good pitching
“If you look at the last five or six guys we’ve faced, they’re as good a pitchers as you want to find. Come through that stretch of games about as good as you can hope when you draw it up. We’d like to win every one of them, but we know what reality is.”

On whether Joseph’s late tag was due to new rule against blocking the plate
“They’re very aware of exactly what the rule is and John (Russell) works and talks with them daily about it. I think what has kind of happened is, once you catch the ball, it’s old rules. It’s the same rule. You can shut down the plate, you can do whatever you want to once you catch it. But we chased something we shouldn’t have chased. What happens sometimes is you lose sight of what their goal is, where they have to go. You chase the target, which is the plate, as opposed to chasing the runner. Caleb’s really good at that, so that was a ... that’s a good lesson for him. He’s caught really well for us so far.”

On decision to bat Flaherty against Ronald Belisario
“There’s not a wrong or good. If you look at Belisario’s numbers, other than Delmon (Young), he’s really tough against right-handers with the slider being his out pitch. A really good pitch for him. We took a pop there. I could have saved Delmon, but you never know what would happen there. You finally get the tying run to the plate, you want to give Delmon a pop at it. He did a good job. Just didn’t quite get it in the air enough. He hit it hard enough to leave the park. But it’s a tough matchup for anybody. Trying to get the ballgame to Nicky (Markakis), too.”

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