Showalter speaks after 4-3, 11-inning loss

Orioles manager Buck Showalter wanted to talk about Adam Jones’ opposite-field single in the 10th inning tonight that nearly won the game, but he understood that the the focus would shift immediately in other directions.

Nelson Cruz’s decision to break for home with two outs and a 2-2 count on Chris Davis. He was an easy out.

Third base coach Bobby Dickerson’s decision to send Nick Markakis on Jones’ single. Markakis was out on a close play.

The decision to have Manny Machado bunt after Markakis’ leadoff single.

Machado’s angry reaction to third baseman Josh Donaldson’s tag in the third inning.

Shortstop J.J. Hardy’s fourth error in two nights.

Where to begin?

On whether Cruz was trying to steal home
“I think so. Saw it, felt it, went for it, didn’t work out. We’d be talking the other way. A lot of good things went on. We just couldn’t get over the hump. Wei-Yin (Chen) was real good, (Zach) Britton was real good. Thought Webby (Ryan Webb) continues to pitch well for us. Evan (Meek) for the most part threw the ball pretty well. That’s why you can never assume what’s going to happen in the game the next day. You’ve got to be covered. Darren (O’Day), just one pitch away. But real proud after a challenging night and day the way our guys competed. It’s a good team over there, obviously, and we couldn’t quite get over the hump there.”

On Hardy’s error
“I know you’ve got to ask and I would to, it’s just, it’s something with J.J. like that, I don’t think... He’s as good as shortstop as I’ve ever had and I don’t even think twice about it. He’s one of the reasons we were in that game. He swung the bat so well. But no, I know you’ve got to ask but I think the reason it comes up is because he’s so good and it makes you realize sometimes how hard it is to do what he does every day. And I certainly don’t take it for granted. He’s one of the reasons we were in that baseball game. You’ve got a Gold Glove shortstop hitting .300 right now. I’m glad to have him.”

On Machado’s bunt
“I like that. Anytime we get the guy to second base with those guys. I know what they’re probably going to do and that’s fine. I like that situation. Take it every time.”

On Machado’s reaction to tag
“There’s no woof call going on there. Manny took exception to something and I’ll take Manny’s side of that every time. He’s out there. I think sometimes you’re off balance and you’ve been through some of the things he’s been through with his knee, I can see how you might be sensitive to that. And I also see how their guy’s trying to make sure he applies the tag, so got two passionate people. I know one for sure. They’re competing out there and those things happen. Manny cares. And until you’ve walked a mile in a man’s shoes, you really don’t know what goes on, but it’s pretty easy call for me what side of the fence I’m going to sit on.”

On sending Markakis
“Bobby does a great job over the there. Bang-bang play at the plate. You know what’s funny about games like this? Adam had a big hit for us going the other way in a key situation, but unfortunately because of about a half-second, it’s not really a topic. That’s why from my perspective it’s a topic in my mind. There’s a lot of great things that really happened tonight. Unfortunately, they did a couple more than we did. Wei-Yin battled after a kind of a semi-rough start, kept the ball in the park.”

On how Chen pitched
“He pitched real well. He settled in and started pitching in a little bit more. Got the ball down. He was up early. One of the home runs was done, the guy sort of golfed it. Wei-Yin gave us a chance to win.”

On Johan Santana’s season-ending Achilles injury
“We were all hoping that would work out. We all know his background, his pedigree, what he’s capable of if he’s healthy. Same thing with Matt Wieters going down. It wasn’t a given that he was going to pitch well and come up here and help us, but we were certainly looking forward to the opportunity to see if he could. Right now, I feel worse for him than I do for us. He worked so hard to get back from a surgery that not many people get back to a point he got back from, in the front of his shoulder. I’ll probably call him tomorrow. I feel sadness for him more than anything else right now. The heck with us.”

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