World Series thoughts and the next award

At what point is James Shields required to hand over his nickname of “Big Game?” At what point will sportswriters refer to it only in jest?

Shields was charged with five runs in three-plus innings last night in Game 1 of the World Series, leaving his career postseason ERA at 5.74 in 10 starts.

“Big Game” may work if he’s hunting in Africa. Otherwise ...

Shields reportedly passed a kidney stone after the American League Championship Series. I wonder what was more painful.

Shields is having a nice career and he’s going to get paid in free agency, but there are big games in the playoffs and he’s not delivering. I wonder if that’s going to lower his price.

You want a big-game pitcher? Let me introduce you to Madison Bumgarner. He may be the biggest difference-maker in this series.

His “MadBum” nickname isn’t appealing, but at least it’s more accurate.

(Would you rather pass a kidney stone or have a mad bum? Discuss.)

Meanwhile, Jarrod Dyson says the series isn’t going back to San Francisco and the Giants know it.

The Royals scored four runs in the last two games of the ALCS, twice defeating the Orioles 2-1 to complete the sweep. They tallied one last night. Defense, speed and dominant late-inning relief will take a team far, but they’re going to need more offense to beat the Giants.

There’s your instant analysis.

I suppose the Herrera-Davis-Holland trifecta doesn’t pay out when you’re down by six runs.

More analysis.

Teams victorious in Game 1 have won 10 of the last 11 World Series. Just saying ...

If you’re still bitter that the Orioles didn’t advance, consider how Game 1 last night may have been postponed. And it’s still raining today.

Feel better now?

Didn’t think so.

cruz-pointing-up-white-front-sidebar.pngThe Sporting News will announce the All-Star teams in both leagues today. Which Orioles would you expect to make it?

Nelson Cruz led the majors in home runs. He’s got to be there, right?

Lots of Orioles fans were bitter that Buck Showalter finished behind Mike Scioscia yesterday in American League Manager of the Year balloting. Keep in mind that the managers did the voting.

What does it say about Kansas City’s Ned Yost that he didn’t receive a single vote? That’s how much he’s respected by his peers.

I still expect Showalter to win the Baseball Writers’ Association of America award, which will be announced on Nov. 11. In 2012, he won the Sporting News award and finished second to Oakland’s Bob Melvin in the BBWAA balloting.

We may see the kind of reversal normally associated with wrestling.

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