Wrapping up a 5-2 win

SAN FRANCISCO - The Orioles jumped out to an early lead for the second consecutive game and held onto it, with the bullpen doing a solid job behind starter Dylan Bundy.

Bundy improved to 6-3 with a 2.93 ERA and Zach Britton recorded his 36th save. Mark Trumbo and Chris Davis hit home runs, the heart of the order pumping again, and the Orioles moved back into first place in the American League East with a 5-2 win over the Giants at AT&T Park.

Trumbo and Davis hadn’t homered in the same game since June 26.


Mychal Givens retired all three batters he faced and left-hander Donnie Hart retired all four of the hitters he saw. Brad Brach gave up back-to-back singles to begin the ninth inning, but Britton worked his usual sinking magic.

Bundy didn’t dominate, didn’t carry a no-hitter past the third inning, but he found ways to get outs. It was a mature performance.

The Orioles went 4-for-8 with runners in scoring position tonight and are now batting .333 (17-for-51) with RISP on their current road trip.

Here’s a sampling of quotes:

Manager Buck Showalter on Bundy:
“He just didn’t have a feel for his breaking ball tonight. It may have had something to do with the cold weather. And the changeup is such a feel pitch, both of them. That was good to see him compete and figure it out because big league guys have 30-35 starts, they’re going to carry more than one pitch out there, maybe half of them and all three, maybe three or four.”

Showalter on Bundy’s outing more impressive coming in his sixth start:
“He’s been through so much. At 23, he’s had a lot in between fall league and big league experience. He’s been up here, then he goes to the bullpen. It’s been a pretty good process for him to get here, but we don’t take it for granted and you try not to overthink it a little bit. He’s a pretty tunnel vision guy. He’s very baseball mature for his age.”

Showalter on bullpen:
“Good. That was the difference. As much as Dylan ... Mychal came in. That was about as far as he was going to go. That was his last hitter. And I thought Donnie was one of the keys to the game, kept us from having to get people up. We’d like to stay away from Zach, but they didn’t cooperate.

“Don’t ever take Zach for granted. That’s hard to do. He’s in the middle of the order with (Buster) Posey and comes in and gets a big strikeout. He’s just been a rock for us.”

Showalter on Trumbo’s two-run homer off Matt Cain:
“Fighting off some tough pitches. Those pitches have been a challenge for him. He fought them off. The difference up here is you make a really good pitch and guys tick them off and make you make it again and make you make it again and try to figure out who’s going to blink first.”

Showalter on whether Davis is breaking out of slump:
“I don’t overthink it. He’s playing such great defense. You don’t take it for granted. He makes two plays every night. Our guys just feel like they’ve got to throw it in the vicinity. He’s playing at an elite level defensively. I think there’s only two guys who have more walks than him in the league. If he gets the other part of it going a little bit ... But he’s been a contributor almost every night in some form or fashion.”

Bundy on not having command of all his pitches:
“You’ve just got to focus a little bit more, I think, and you’ve got to get the ball over the plate and try to let them get themselves out. I was throwing more two-seams or changeups over the middle of the plate and let them pop it up or ground out.”

Bundy on how he feels being extended each start:
“I feel great. Different weather than we’ve pitched in lately, so there’s a change. I enjoyed it and I learned stuff out of it. I’m looking forward to the next start.”

Bundy on how much fun he had hitting:
“Not much fun, obviously. I saw six pitches and struck out twice, It was still fun to go up there and get in the batter’s box. Not everybody can say they’ve done that before. It was cool, and I got to run down the line a little bit. It was interesting.”

Bundy on how he reacts coming out after 5 2/3 innings:
“Give him the ball and go in the dugout. That’s all you can do, but I wanted to go six, obviously. That registers a quality start, I think. That’s your goal is to go six innings and keep your team in the game and handle the bullpen. I feel like I did a decent job today. I look forward to the next start.”

Bundy on getting Brandon Belt to hit into a double play in the third:
“Wheaty (Matt Wieters) came out to the mound and we were just planning on going away, keeping the ball down and away, and hopefully he was going to ground out to short, but I think he grounded to second. That was fortunate. He got himself out on that one. That was a big play for us.”

Trumbo on his two-run homer:
“I spoiled a few and got one I could handle. There were a lot of tough pitches tonight. They were doing a really nice job of executing over there, working the corners a little bit.”

Trumbo on importance of another early lead:
“Yeah, I think it really helped. It’s an excellent ballclub over there and playing in this division, I’ve seen them firsthand for a while and they don’t beat themselves very often, so the fact that we had a little bit of a cushion was pretty good.”

Trumbo on watching Bundy:
“It’s been excellent. He’s been a real bulldog. His command has been really, really good, especially when he’s laying in that breaking ball. He can be really tough, because he had three plus pitches that you have to deal with. Tonight was another excellent job by him.”

Trumbo on what he thinks when bullpen takes over:
“What else would you think? Those guys are the best in the game. They know how to get it done, even when the other team’s threatening a little bit. They find a way to shut them down.”

Trumbo on whether Britton is the best:
“I would say so. The swings each and every night, the scouting reports obviously say it all, but there’s not a lot you can do. It just has so much movement and it’s coming in at upper 90s, so usually he’s outstanding.”

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