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A last-place finish isn’t keeping the Orioles idle as the Red Sox and Dodgers play in the World Series.

Beyond the interviews that will lead to the hiring of a president of baseball operations, general manager and manager, the Orioles are making changes in their scouting department and minor league staff and working to create space on a 40-man roster that currently is filled.

I’ve mentioned the need to activate five players from the 60-day disabled list - pitchers Richard Bleier, Pedro Araujo and Gabriel Ynoa and outfielders Mark Trumbo and Austin Hays. Ynoa is the only possible cut.

The non-tender deadline is Nov. 30, with teams setting their rosters prior to the Rule 5 draft that’s held the following month on the final day of the Winter Meetings in Las Vegas. However, players can be put on outright waivers and the Orioles are in the process of doing it as part of their offseason activity.

Thumbnail image for Peterson swinging white father's day.jpgJace Peterson has been informed that the Orioles are placing him on waivers, though they’re expected to make an attempt to re-sign him. Peterson could compete for a job in spring training if he stays in the organization.

Peterson appeared in 93 games with the Orioles after they selected him off waivers from the Yankees on April 24. He batted .195/.308/.325 with 13 doubles, two triples, three home runs and 28 RBIs. He also played third base, second base, shortstop, left field and right field and pitched one inning in an emergency relief role.

The utility competition figures to include Steve Wilkerson and Breyvic Valera, and the Orioles could bring in other candidates depending on who’s in charge.

Other possibilities for the waiver wire include left-hander Sean Gilmartin and outfielder John Andreoli. I wouldn’t be surprised to find their names, as well.

Gilmartin also could be re-signed after coming off the 40-man based on his output over the final month of the season. He posted a 3.00 ERA in 12 relief appearances this summer and allowed only two runs in his last four games totaling 13 2/3 innings.

In three outings from Sept. 12-24, Gilmartin shut out the Athletics over three innings, held the Blue Jays to one run in 4 2/3 innings and blanked the Red Sox on one hit in four innings at Fenway Park.

The ability to cover multiple innings and perhaps emerge as a starter candidate could make Gilmartin a desirable pitcher. But not necessarily someone who will hold a spot on the 40-man roster.

* Former manager Buck Showalter and wife Angela flew back to Dallas yesterday after attending the ninth annual KidsPeace Trick-or-Trot 5K/One mile walk at Camden Yards. They’re in the process of selling their Baltimore County home, but weren’t going to skip the event.

“I wanted to honor a commitment to something that was very dear to us,” Showalter said before boarding his flight. “We’re hear just bringing some closure to a lot of things - the house, land. We had to drive around coming back because somebody was looking at the house again, and we sold a lot of things.

“It’s really tough packing. It’s usually a month or two before you get everything settle again. It’s stuff a lot of people have to do every day. We’ve been lucky.

“That race and this city have impacted me a lot more than I ever did them. It’s tough. It’s an emotional pull, it’s a real tug, but it’s something you need to do and you do it. You get there and the people, I tried to just come in and start the race and get out and not get in the way.”

Showalter also tried to keep a low profile while managing his final game, deferring to outfielder Adam Jones, who’s expected to leave via free agency.

“I could tell the fans on the last day there, maybe they knew something I didn’t know, but whatever,” he said. “I could tell they wanted me to come out. I don’t know what it was. But I thought that was Adam’s day. I really did. I thought about it and I ended up just going up the runway because I thought that was Adam’s moment and his day. And I tried to do a lot of things that made it his day, regardless of what ...

“You do a lot of things regardless of what it means for you. You try to do the right thing. You ask yourself all the time, ‘What’s the right thing to do?’ And you live with how it affects you sometimes. But I’m very comfortable with the way I treated people and the way I was treated.

“I think in today’s world and today’s society and sports world, 8 1/2 years in one place ... and things will get better here. Somebody might say it’s never as bad or as good as it seems. They’ll get some good people in place and I’m sure they’ve already done it. They made a great move with Brian (Graham). He’s as solid as they get. They’re in good hands with him while they try to decide what they’re going to do. I’m sure they’re doing a lot of things.

“Sometimes, when things don’t happen in what somebody perceives as the right timeframe, you better get the right people. I know Jon and Lou (Angelos), how much they care about the Orioles and how diligent they’re being in trying to do the right thing.”

Showalter said he wasn’t certain of his fate as the final game played out, but he obviously had an inkling.

“Not really,” he said. “I’m not naïve. I know what happens when you lose that many games. There’s a certain splatter effect. And I understand how things work. I talked with John three or four days before the season (ended). He had asked me what I wanted to do and I told him a lot of things I thought would have to be done and whatever. I wanted them to know where I stood.

“It was kind of, in a lot of ways they knew where I stood and I wanted to give them all the information so they could make a good decision.”

Showalter wouldn’t confirm whether he was offered any other role in the organization.

“I’m going to leave it at that,” he said. “There’s some closure. I’ll always have an open heart about the Orioles, but things ... I’m not going to make any decisions about what I want to do. I’m going to wait a little while, after the World Series, and let some of the emotion kind of wear down a little bit. I’ve had conversations, people reaching out for a lot of different reasons. We’ll see where life takes me.

“I’m very thankful for my time here and what I was exposed to and the way it impacted me and my family and my life.”

* I don’t have any updates on the pending front office hires, which must come before a new manager is in the fold. I sensed that a decision was made on a president of baseball operations, but we’re still hearing crickets.

We may have to wait until after the World Series, however long it lasts.

I’m asked about former Yankees and Dodgers assistant general manager Kim Ng, and I’ll repeat that the president chooses the general manager and the latter position would be a fit for her depending on who’s making the decision.

I’ve heard that Ng is interviewing today with the Giants. She’s currently the senior vice president for baseball operations with Major League Baseball.

* Did you know that pitcher Jhan Mariñez, who appeared in eight games with the Orioles this summer, was included in a Sept. 29, 2011 trade that allowed Ozzie Guillen to manage the Marlins?

Guillen had one more year left on his contract with the White Sox, who received Mariñez and shortstop Osvaldo Martinez.

Martinez signed a minor league deal with the Orioles in November 2014 and played for Double-A Bowie and Triple-A Norfolk over the next two seasons.

I don’t have anything to add here. Just thought it was interesting.

Mariñez is a free agent who won’t be coming back to the Orioles.

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