Orioles still figuring out what’s next (updated)

SARASOTA, Fla. - We wanted answers and we got them yesterday.

But a whole new set is on the table.

One step up and two steps back, as Bruce Springsteen sang on the “Tunnel of Love” album. And because I’m a sportswriter, I’m required to quote him.

Spring training games won’t be played. They’re done. But spring training itself won’t necessarily stop.

Ed-Smith-Stadium-w-Palms-sidebar.jpgThe Orioles are going to hold a workout this morning. That’s also concrete. But will they do so every day?

Update: It wasn’t concrete. Plans changed late last night and the Orioles kept the facility empty today in order to perform a deep cleaning.

I don’t know because the Orioles don’t know. They were figuring out how to proceed yesterday while the media left the complex.

Executive vice president/general manager Mike Elias spent the day preparing for this moment and had lots of work to do, including how to get the Orioles ready for a season that eventually is going to be played.

There are family concerns, of course, which must be factored in and lead to the temptation to send everybody home. But then there’s the risk of having players scatter rather than keeping them contained at the complex.

The possibility of future travel restrictions also must be part of the discussion. From a selfish media standpoint, I’m wondering if I’ll end up stuck in Sarasota or finding alternate travel.

I’m also wondering what the heck I’m going to write about and whether there will be camp cuts and the usual activity except for games.

We learned late last night that Major League Baseball is cutting off media access “until further notice.” Only essential personnel.

This includes the minor league complex at Twin Lakes Park.

Elias should be able to shed more light on a few subjects later today. We’re still pretty much in the dark right now, through no fault of the Orioles.

Other than the media thing, of course. We know where we stand.

Back at the hotel.

The cancellation of exhibition games obviously includes the March 24 matchup between the Orioles and Mets at the Naval Academy. A really nice idea that can be revisited next year.

Birdland Members who purchased tickets will automatically receive a refund.

All ticket holders for impacted regular season games will be notified of the team’s ticket policies once the 2020 schedule is finalized.

Saying that the season is being pushed back at least two weeks can be misleading. That suggests the Orioles still are going to open at home against the Yankees, except later than March 26. But if the first few weeks are chopped off the schedule and opening day falls on whatever date the season is allowed to start, that isn’t “pushing.”

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