Baseball America’s Ben Badler on O’s international effort (video)

If the Orioles are going to build that elite talent pipeline to get back to winning baseball, they are going to need international talent to be a big element of that effort. Under executive vice president and general manager Mike Elias and senior director of international scouting Koby Perez, the Orioles are trying to quickly bring their international program up to speed. The Tampa Bay ... read more

The latest with the baseball talks, plus international notes

So is the latest development in the talks between Major League Baseball players and owners going to lead toward an actual season? We’ll see about that and time continues to be short. The owners side yesterday proposed a 50-60 game season, which would be followed by a postseason with seven teams in each league making it. The seven-team scenario was in play before the pandemic. ... read more

Remembering the Orioles’ last playoff game

It produced an abrupt and loud ending. Bat connected with ball and the contact was very loud. Moments later, the crowd would be very loud, too. Edwin Encarnación hit one 440 feet to left center. It was a first-pitch, three-run homer off Ubaldo Jiménez and Toronto beat the Orioles 5-2 in 11 innings in the 2016 American League wild card game. When the night began, ... read more

Hanser Alberto provides a few hitting tips

On the Orioles Twitter account yesterday, they showed a video of Hanser Alberto doing some hitting drills. Drills designed to help others make better and more consistent contact hitting a baseball. I’ll post the tweet at the end of this entry and, of course, there is never a bad time to hear from happy Hanser. Alberto has certainly made putting the ball in play a ... read more

A take on the outlook for undrafted players next month

Well, we know there will be 160 amateur players taken in the five rounds of the First-Year Player Draft that begins June 10. But what happens after that? What about undrafted players? This year is going to be unlike any before it in the history of the draft. There were few, if any at all, top unsigned players after a 40-round draft that last year ... read more

A Steve and Roch video as we discuss the baseball talks

Over the last few days, some fans may be losing confidence that we will have a baseball season in 2020. The Major League Baseball Players Association rejected the latest ownership proposal with the sliding scale of salary reductions. The sides seem dug in on their positions and there is not a lot of reason for positivity right now. But this USA Today article indicates to ... read more

A closer look at Vanderbilt’s Austin Martin

The picture that is painted is an exciting one. It’s of a player who not only has a ton of talent but is smart, poised and driven. He can handle the big games and moments. He makes teammates better. What is not to like about Vanderbilt infielder-outfielder Austin Martin? Many outlets project the Orioles will claim him with the No. 2 overall pick in the ... read more

A look at the Orioles roster when last we saw it

Who knew we’d see rosters expand twice for the 2020 season? Well, there is an asterisk in that statement. Rosters did expand from 25 to 26 for this season, but the March shutdown of baseball and the delay to re-start the game may expand those rosters further. If Major League Baseball starts in July as hoped, we could see 30-man rosters with 20-player taxi squads. ... read more