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Are O’s just doing due diligence on Means?

It was a tweet that no doubt was well seen and read throughout Birdland. That the Orioles were “dangling” John Means in trade talks. Not completely sure what that means, no pun intended, but dangling is defined as “hanging or swinging loosely.” That last part could apply. No one can know for sure what the team is thinking on this, but a guess here is ... read more

I wonder where Wander will spend all that money?

He was the player ranked as the best prospect in baseball for quite a while. When he finally graduated and moved off the prospects lists, O’s prospect Adley Rutschman moved up from No. 2 to No. 1. But Wander Franco was there first. And Franco got to the majors first, and this week comes another first. The longest and richest contract ever awarded a player ... read more

Looking to make progress at instructional league

Happy Thanksgiving to our readers here. I appreciate you today and every day. And Happy Thanksgiving to everyone throughout Birdland. Just a short entry today, and if you have time to push yourself away from the table and talk some baseball, here is an article worth checking out. It’s from the team’s Birdland Insider Twitter account and is a nice wrap-up of the Orioles instructional ... read more

Chris Holt with insights on two new 40-man roster pitchers

When the Orioles made their 40-man roster additions last week, ahead of the scheduled Rule 5 draft next month, they added two hard-throwing relievers. Both flew under the radar during the 2021 season, but the team was clearly watching. And the team was seeing the potential in right-handers Félix Bautista, 26, and Logan Gillaspie, 24. Both may not yet be well-known to Orioles fans, but ... read more

One-time O’s signee and trade chip cashes in via free agency

It all made sense at the time of the trade on July 31, 2014. The Orioles had a chance to win the American League East for the first time since 1997. At the time of that deal, the Orioles had not reached as far as the AL Championship Series since 1997. But after the deal, they would both win the AL East and advance to ... read more

Looking at a few free agent options for back end of rotation

Time to take a look at a few more free agent starting pitchers. No, we are not looking at the very best, not even close, but diving into the much more shallow end of the pool. It’s an attempt to be realistic here and not get too far ahead of ourselves. Will there be a day when the Orioles look to sign or trade for ... read more

Big win total not necessary for Cy Young winners

One thing that was somewhat noticeable this week when the Cy Young Award winners were announced was that neither pitcher that won had a lot of pitching wins for 2021. Wins for pitchers don’t seem to have nearly the value they once did. The American League winner was Toronto’s Robbie Ray. He went 13-7 with a 2.84 ERA that ranked first in the league over ... read more

After 40-man addition, does Bradish help rotation next year?

The Orioles’ 40-man roster filled up pretty fast. In a span of a few hours it went from 32 to 39 as the club acquired a player on waivers Friday and later added six of its own from the farm. The Orioles added infielder Lucius Fox on waivers from Kansas City. And then early last night the club announced the addition of six players from ... read more