Season-is-close edition: “10 questions for O’s fans”

I don’t know if it’s back by popular demand - I hope so - but it is back. Today we present the latest edition of “10 questions for O’s fans.” So answer one or all 10, provide short answers or long, respond to other readers’ answers. It’s all good. This is the season-is-close edition to be followed in a few weeks by the early spring ... read more

In cheating scandal, there were no penalties for players

It has been quite a week in Major League Baseball. The cheating scandal took down one general manager and three managers. Franchises are tarnished. Houston got hit hard and Boston could be next. But the players involved were not fined or suspended, and none got fired. I’m OK with that. It would be hard to know exactly which players took part and how often. Cheating ... read more

Some prospect recognition for the Orioles

The Orioles got some nice prospect recognition this week when three of their young players were noted as among the best in the game by Right-hander Grayson Rodriguez was rated as the No. 10 right-handed pitching prospect in the sport. A nice honor, since the prospects lists always seem to be loaded with right-handers. Pitcher DL Hall was listed No. 10 among left-handers and ... read more

Taking the incomplete rotation for a spin

A total of 18 different pitchers made starts for the Orioles on the mound in 2019. We know they’ll need five to start next season and the number over 162 games will go well north of that, probably. Let’s take stock of the rotation as of today. The 2019 O’s produced a rotation ERA of 5.57 to rank 14th in the American League. The Los ... read more

Time for another Orioles Q&A

We haven’t done this since before Thanksgiving, so it’s probably past time for another Orioles question-and-answer session here on the blog. Time for readers to throw out O’s questions and/or comments - anything on the majors or minors, draft, whatever - and we’ll take shots at providing some answers and responses. As always, readers responding to other readers provide interesting, well, reading. We can discuss ... read more

Houston hit hard and an early 2020 mock draft

The Houston Astros, as speculated by many, did in fact get hammered for their part in sign-stealing via technology. Major League Baseball suspended their general manager, Jeff Luhnow, and manager AJ Hinch for the 2020 season. Then Astros owner Jim Crane went further than that. He fired both Luhnow and Hinch. Houston also lost first- and second-round draft picks in both 2020 and 2021. They ... read more

Taking stock of the club’s position players heading into camp

With the Orioles report date for spring training fast approaching, today we take a look at the club’s position players heading into camp. Certainly, this could change pending any further roster moves. O’s pitchers and catchers are due to report to Ed Smith Stadium in Sarasota, Fla., on Feb. 11 and the first full-squad workout is Feb. 17. The spring training opener is Feb. 22 ... read more

What will mark progress for the Orioles in 2020?

Today just a few words from me because this blog is more about what the readers and all O’s fans have to say. It’s about tracking progress. What would have to happen during the 2020 season for fans to see progress? Is it mostly about winning more games? Or more young players from the farm system making their way onto the roster? Is it about ... read more