A very uplifting day for the Orioles

Call it a look at the Orioles future, Brian Matusz’s coming out party or just a very well pitched game by a rookie left hander.

I think what Matusz did yesterday is lift an entire organization - of course those shoulders aren’t really broad enough to do that yet. But he did it in a symbolic way.

The Orioles are trying to produce pitchers like Matusz. Find real talent in the draft, polish it up in the minors and turn them loose on the American League.

Brad Bergesen got it all started this year and he deserves immense credit for what he did and now pitchers like Chris Tillman and Matusz are taking it from here.

Soon maybe the likes of Jake Arrieta, Troy Patton, Zach Britton and others will get their shot.

Matusz dominated Cleveland at times with a stunning four-pitch assortment. I saw the same Matusz yesterday that I watched pitch this year at Frederick and Bowie. He could seemingly throw any pitch at any time for a strike.

He can’t do that every time out and there may be outings soon where he will be hit hard - it happens to everyone. But that was no seven-inning fluke either.

Matusz has big-time talent, plus poise and smarts to go along with it.

As Matusz froze another batter with a big curve, or got a weak pop up off a nasty changeup, something was happening to fans throughout Oriole Land.

They took a peek at their future, looking skyward, and they saw blue skies in the distance.

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