Buck’s to do list

I sense that on the wall in his office near the O’s clubhouse, Buck Showalter has these items on his to do list.

-Win more than we lose - Check
-Motivate players - Check
-Get solid starting pitching - Check
-Convince Matt Wieters he’s good - Check
-Use Koji in the ninth, but don’t call him closer - Check
-Take in some minor league games - Check
-Find some nuggets - Working on it, partial check
-Remind the players to stop giving the other team too much credit - Check
-Have my own T-shirt Tuesday - Check
-Beat the Rays - Check
-Beat the Yankees - Check
-Enjoy the hell out of beating the Yankees - Check
-Beat the Jays - Here’s our chance

It’s bad and downright embarrassing, but the Orioles are 0-12 this year versus Toronto - You know, the team that they were supposed to finish ahead of in the AL East.

The Orioles have been out-scored 70-23 by the Jays, out-hit, .292 to .228 and out-homered 24 to 4.

While the O’s have hit just four homers versus Toronto on the season, the Jays have had four players hit four or more this year versus Orioles pitching.

Jose Bautista is batting .340-6-15 versus the Orioles, while Luke Scott is hitting .108 versus Toronto.

The O’s have a team ERA of 5.65 versus the Jays, while Toronto’s is 1.75 versus the Birds.

I could go on, but you get the point.

If the Orioles can win series versus the Rays, Yankees, White Sox, Angels and Tigers, they ought to be able to beat Toronto.

Buck’s to do list needs at least one more item checked off. Soon.

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