Gomez gives his take on several Frederick Keys

Frederick hosts Potomac tonight in game two of the Carolina League playoffs after last night’s wild, 10-9 win.

It was a game where the teams combined for 15 runs in the first inning, then each scored once in the ninth. The Nationals scored to tie the game and Frederick’s run won it in walk-off fashion.

Attempting to throw Miguel Abreu out on a sac bunt, league MVP, first baseman Tyler Moore of Potomac, hit Abreu with his throw and that allowed L.J. Hoes to score the game-ending run all the way from first base.

Right-hander Ryan O’Shea (7-8, 3.84) pitches for the Keys tonight.

During my time in Frederick yesterday, Keys manager Orlando Gomez provided some thoughts on a few of his players.

OF Ronnie Welty, who hit .282-18-82: “He put up outstanding numbers. He was like ten hits shy of hitting .300. He used to get down on himself and sometimes swing at a bad pitch. But he has learned a better approach and he finished strong.

“I am probably more happy about his outfield play. He has made a 100 percent improvement in the outfield. For me, I know Welty is going to hit. When you can add the defense to the hitting, it can take you a long ways.”

On the strong finish of Billy Rowell, who hit .319-2-19 over his last 30 games:
“He worked very hard. He came in every day and took ground balls, he never complained. After Mahoney left, he hit cleanup for us and did well. He has finished strong, that shows his hard work paid off.”

Gomez said Rowell had a great attitude and work ethic all year: “Seen it all year, very good. He jokes and laughs, but has played hard. I like the way he is approaching the game.”

On 2B L.J Hoes, who hit .278-3-44: “The only time he gets in trouble is when he gets pull happy. When he goes the other way, the ball jumps off his bat. At second base, he made some improvement. He still needs some work like everyone else, but I’m excited, because this kid can swing the bat.”

Can Hoes remain at second base on defense?: “I think next year will tell you that. Playing his third year in a row will dictate whether he can play there or not. I don’t want to judge him yet, he never had played the position before.”

Kyle Hudson, who hit .260-0-28: “He leads the league with 40 steals. He just needs to stay behind the ball and use his hands. Sometimes he can lunge for the ball. He made some tremendous improvement, he catches almost everything in the outfield.

“He just needs to get stronger. Put a few pounds on and start driving the ball more.”

Tyler Townsend, who hit .284-3-14 in 19 games: “He is driving the ball and using the whole field. He has good bat speed. First base is new for him, he still needs work picking balls in the dirt.

Is he finally over his hamstring issues?: “So far. He’s been running hard, hit a triple the other day and ran well. He is not limited at all. He’s running pretty well.”

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