Reimold happy he’s still an Oriole

Nolan Reimold is at FanFest - and happy to still be an Oriole.

During the Winter Meetings, it looked like Reimold would get dealt to Tampa Bay in a move that would have made shortstop Jason Bartlett an Oriole.

“I woke up one morning and got a text from my agent to call him and that’s how I found out I was about to get traded. But I’m happy that fell through and I’m still in Baltimore,” he said. “I thought it was almost a done deal and then it fell through. That’s the first time my name really got seriously thrown out there for a trade.

“Nothing you can do, it’s a business. A trade doesn’t mean they don’t want you. It did fall through and that’s good for me. I’m happy to be in Baltimore and looking forward to a good year.”

Reimold has spent a lot of time this winter in California working on his hitting with Brady Anderson.

“When he throws BP, it’s more like a live BP and I feel real comfortable how everything is going with that. It’s not like a game, but right now I feel good where my swing is at,” Reimold said.

Reimold said he has not been told whether he will be in a platoon situation for left field this year or whether he will compete for the spot with Felix Pie.

For now, he is happy to still be an Oriole.

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