Showalter weighs in on starting pitching, Scott’s future role

After he and president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail held their fan forum here today with season ticket holders, Orioles manager Buck Showalter talked with reporters on a few O’s topics.

Showalter was asked if the club still wants to sign a veteran starting pitcher.

“It’s something we have kicked around a lot. Just because a guy doesn’t necessarily look attractive with his recent track record doesn’t mean he’s not going to be an impactful pitcher for us,” he said. “We are still talking about a lot of scenarios.”

He talked about his outlook for the 2011 season and the importance of the Orioles trying to produce their first winning record since 1997.

“I don’t want to set limitations on it. We just want to do things right and play the game with effort and see where it takes us,” Showalter said.

The manager also talked about the possibility of Luke Scott playing full-time in left field if the club adds a DH type like Vladimir Guerrero.

“I don’t really want to project what happens if this happens, but Luke wants to play defense,” Showalter said. “I asked him last night, in a perfect world, what would he want to do. He said, ‘I’d rather play left field.’ A lot of guys in his shoes don’t want to play in the field; he does. That creates some options for us going forward, regardless if we make an addition or not.”

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