Jordan said O’s had interest in Bradley and talks of bypassing Rendon

Orioles scouting director Joe Jordan said he “got the guy he wanted” in drafting Dylan Bundy with the fourth pick in the first round last night.

But was Bundy really the guy the Orioles wanted all along?

“This was always the guy we had in our sights and that was going to be in the conversation,” Jordan said. “There were just a lot of good players at the top of the draft. We knew coming in he would be in play for us and he didn’t do anything to disappoint us. There was no one we had any more work done on, that’s for sure.”

Jordan was a guest on my radio show last night on 105.7 The Fan in Baltimore.

He said it took a while for all the top picks to get lined up this year.

“We didn’t have near as much information as we normally do,” he said. “There were too many scenarios and things I was trying to do to make sure we got what we wanted. In the end we got the guy we wanted, that’s the bottom line and we’re excited.”

Jordan said those reports that the Orioles were very interested late in the process in another Oklahoma high school pitcher, Archie Bradley, were accurate.

“I don’t want to talk a lot about other people’s players, but I’ll tell you this: His talent put him in our conversation, he is that good. He didn’t have the name recognition in Baltimore that Dylan did, but I assure you he was in our conversation. The reports that we were tied to him were not inaccurate. We just liked Dylan above him, that’s how it played out in the end,” Jordan said.

Anthony Rendon, the Rice infielder once projected to be the first pick in this draft, fell to sixth to the Nationals. I asked Jordan why the Orioles passed on Rendon.

“I’m just going to tell you that Bundy was right there with him,” Jordan said. “There were just some factors in play, we wrestled it a little bit. Probably, two or three months from now, we can talk more about that once we get through with our signing of our player. It was just the right thing to do for us and that’s pretty much how I have to explain it right now.”

This is the second Bundy in the O’s organization. Dylan’s older brother, Bobby, is pitching for Single-A Frederick, took the mound last night and got the win against Potomac, allowing just one run over seven innings. The elder Bundy is now 6-3 with an ERA of 2.73. He is tied for second in the Carolina League in wins and is eighth in ERA.

Jordan said he drafted Dylan Bundy because of his talent, not because of his brother, but the family connection seems big for Dylan.

“He said, ‘Joe, I want to be drafted by the Orioles and I want to pitch in a major league rotation with my brother. I’m not going to school. I’m going to sign, I feel like that is what I want to do.’ He wants to pitch in that rotation one day with his brother. I thought that was one neat statement,” Jordan said.

“I’m very proud of Bobby. He’s been a big influence on his brother. That workout regimen that they do, Bobby is very much a part of that. He (Bobby) changed some things about a year and a half ago with his workouts and nutrition and his brother is right there with him.

“It’s a neat thing to think that if things work out for both players that one day we could see them on the same major league roster in Baltimore. That is something that doesn’t happen very often.”

By the way, I asked Jordan last night if the Orioles are more likely to take a position player with their first pick today after taking a pitcher last night. The Orioles will have the fourth pick in the second round when the draft resumes today, the 64th selection overall.

“I would like to have one available that we like enough to take. That’s going to be the decision. That would be good,” he said.

Click here to listen to my radio show interview last night with Joe Jordan. The entire interview runs about 10 minutes.

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