It’s time to find out if Ryan Adams can play at the major league level

The reporters with the Orioles in Anaheim, Calif., are indicating that Ryan Adams is expected to return to the club for the series in Minnesota.

If Adams does rejoin the Orioles, I hope they plan to use him more this time. From May 20 to June 17, Adams was with the club for his first stay in the majors. He had just six starts in the 25 games he was with the club and only 23 at-bats. He went 5-for-23 with one RBI.

It has become more than clear that Buck Showalter is a real Robert Andino fan and Andino has done a solid job playing second base and serving in his utility role on the club this year. But I think the Orioles by now know about Andino’s talents and may want to learn more about what Adams can do.

It was one of the mysteries of the season to me why Adams sat so much the first time he was here. If he was going to play so little, he probably could have benefited by more at-bats regularly at Triple-A.

Adams can hit, but is by no means tearing the cover off the ball. In 93 Norfolk games, he is hitting .283 with 28 doubles, 10 homers, 37 RBIs and an OPS of .793. He bats .337 versus left-handed pitching.

Time to see what he can do at this level and if he would be a candidate for second base in the future if Brian Roberts cannot return to full-time duty in 2012. Let’s see if those that say his defense has improved are right.

Adams was drafted in round two by the Orioles out of high school in 2006. He has played in the minors ever since. After investing all that time with a player to get him to this point, you would think the club would want to see what he can do at the major league level.

If he is not ready to play here yet, they need to know that too.

Adams’ time to play every day has come. At least, I hope it has.

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