That run differential is taking a beating today

Well, there you go.

Brag about the Orioles showing heart and character and they get crushed in the rain in New York. It is not over yet, but a comeback this time seems rather unlikely with the Orioles losing 11-1 to the Yankees in the fifth inning.

The Orioles’ run differential is taking a beating today. They entered this game getting outscored by 51 runs on the year, which is the fourth-worst run differential in the American League.

But as someone reminded me on Twitter today, a lot of that has come in just a few games. The Orioles have been beaten by nine runs or more four times this year and they are a minus-44 run differential in those four games alone.

The Orioles’ worst losses of 2012:
* July 19, Minnesota wins 19-7
* June 27, Los Angeles wins 13-1
* May 5, Texas wins 14-3
* July 25, Tampa Bay wins 10-1

The Orioles have four losses this year by seven runs. It looks like today could rank right up there unless the Orioles rally to close the gap this afternoon.

The Orioles have the worst run differential in the AL East. The next closest to them is Toronto, which has outscored its opponents by 12 runs this season.

It is beginning to look like Rick Dempsey, Eddie Murray, Cal Ripken, Fred Lynn, Larry Sheets and the rest of the 1986 Orioles are safe. They are the last O’s team to complete a three-game sweep of the Yankees in New York, doing so on June 6-8 of that season.

The silver lining is no matter how many runs you lose by, it only counts one loss. Maybe this will be a day to just “wear it,” as Buck Showalter would say, and move on to Tampa.

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