A good fit: McLouth and the Orioles

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - So Nate McLouth is returning to the Orioles and I would think most fans are pretty happy about that. In recent weeks, it seems the fans mostly wanted McLouth back and felt he was a key part of last year’s team, even though he didn’t join the big league club until August.

There is also a segment of fans that felt he had one or two good months and were skeptical that he had found his bat again and turned his career back around. They seemed to feel he wouldn’t duplicate some of his 2012 success next year.

But the Orioles got McLouth back on pretty modest one-year deal worth $2 million that could earn him more based on his plate appearances.

McLouth adds some speed and defense to the Orioles, and he brought some life and energy to the top of the lineup when Nick Markakis was out injured late in the year.

I like this signing and it’s not a surprise it happened. I wrote this piece a few days ago and felt that McLouth and the Orioles are just a good match for each other. McLouth got his career back on track in Baltimore and whether he is the fourth outfielder or starts ahead of Nolan Reimold in left, he should get plenty of chances to help the 2013 Orioles. Also, his low-key, but driven personality plays real well in the O’s clubhouse.

What do you think of McLouth returning to the Orioles?

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