Duquette on trade talks and first base (with video)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - In a video interview tonight with MASNSports.com, executive vice president Dan Duquette said the Orioles continue to make some progress in both their trade talks and meetings with representatives for free agents.

“We are making progress,” he said. “We want to sign another outfielder by the end of the week and we’re hopeful that we can get something done with a couple of the people we’ve talked to.

“Right now, we are more focused on trying to find a hitter for our club (than a pitcher) and most of our efforts the next few days will be towards that.”

Now that Mark Reynolds has been non-tendered, what is the current plan for first base for the Orioles?

“We are going to look to add another bat to the lineup and there is a possibility that bat could be at first base,” Duquette said. “Or if we added another outfielder, some of the people we currently have on the roster could see time at first base, but I think we have to give that a little bit more time and see what the composition of the team is before we decide what we are going to do. We do have Steve Pearce who can play first base capably, so that is a starting point, and we have to let the rest of the offseason play out because I’m confident we can add some other players.”

Duquette said other teams continue to ask about and pursue via trade some of the young O’s pitchers.

“We’re encouraged because we’ve got a lot of interest in our young pitching from other teams in the industry and that just validates what we thought, that we have some good young pitchers on our staff and some that are on the horizon, breaking into the big leagues in (Dylan) Bundy and (Kevin) Gausman. There is a lot of interest in those young pitchers,” Duquette said.

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