What if the Orioles pursued a player that comes with baggage?

How would you feel about the Orioles adding a starting pitcher who last year went 18-6 with an ERA of 2.65? He had a WHIP of 1.166 and walked just 1.4 batters per every nine innings. He was second in the American League in ERA and wins while adding three shutouts.

By the way, you may be able to sign this pitcher for just one year.

What? Who is this and how could this be possible?

It is Bartolo Colon and because he will turn 41 next May, some team may be able to sign him to pitch on just a one-year deal.

Should the Orioles consider it? Oh by the way, Colon was suspended 50 games during the 2012 season for elevated testosterone levels. That was reportedly the result of a stem cell injection into Colon’s right shoulder that helped to reinvigorate his career when he was with the Yankees in 2011.

Even after the suspension, the A’s re-signed him for 2013 and you saw the numbers he put up. MLBTradeRumors.com lists the Orioles as one team that could show interest in Colon, along with the A’s, Pirates, Nationals, Yankees, Indians and Royals.

Before you say the Orioles should not consider a player that has been suspended and a player that some would say cheated, remember the team that he let down in 2012 brought him back in 2013 and Colon has a reputation for being a solid presence in the clubhouse. If he is cleared by MLB to play and some O’s competitors may look to add him, shouldn’t the Orioles consider him as well?

Over the last two years, Cliff Lee is the only starter with a lower walk rate than Colon. He also works deep into games, and even though he pitches in a spacious home park in Oakland, his road ERA is better than his home ERA over the last two years. He didn’t get a qualifying offer and won’t cost the team that signs him a draft pick.

After pitching to a combined ERA of 2.99 the past two seasons, can Colon be among the AL’s top pitchers again in 2014?

On the stat sheet, he looks like a No. 1 pitcher. He is going to be 41 years old, but clearly several teams are going to show interest in him

So let’s play the what if game today. What if the O’s pursued Colon, an old player with baggage? How would you feel about that?

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