Spring training edition: 10 questions for O’s fans

So far in spring training the Orioles have lost a few games, had a few injuries and have seen a few shaky pitching performances.

No need for major concern yet, not over a few exhibition games. But not everyone agrees, including the fan that tweeted this to me yesterday:

“If there are any pitchers available who can win at a major league level, baltimore needs to get them. This is an embarrassment.”

On that note, on to the latest edition of 10 questions. Answer as few or as many as you like. Post short answers or more expansive. Your choice, but hope you take the time to be heard.

1) Of the projected starting five of Chris Tillman, Yovani Gallardo, Miguel Gonzalez, Ubaldo Jimenez and Kevin Gausman, which will have the best and worst season this year?

Manny Machado bat black.jpg2) When should the Orioles approach Manny Machado about a contract extension?

3) Who will lead the O’s in stolen bases?

4) Who will rank first, second and third in homers on the team this year and how many will each hit?

5) Who will be the Orioles’ minor league Player of the Year?

6) How many saves will Zach Britton record?

7) What kind of stats will Hyun Soo Kim record in his first season in the major leagues?

8) Which was the most surprising move by any team this offseason?

9) Which player will lead the O’s in games played in right field this year?

10) Like our friend from earlier in this story, are you concerned about anything so far? What is your level of concern with one being least and 10 the most?

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