Joseph on a role as mentor, Bundy on the rotation

The assumption - not made by the player himself but others - is that Caleb Joseph will break camp and head north with the Orioles as their No. 1 catcher this year.

If that happens, he is likely to be in a position to head up a catching tandem that could include a rookie behind him. Either Chance Sisco or Austin Wynns would be the likely backup.

That would give Joseph a chance to take on something he would very much embrace - a role to mentor a young catcher. Kind of how Matt Wieters once helped when he was green in the majors.

joseph-catching-white-sidebar.jpg“Absolutely,” Joseph said during a FanFest interview session. “I think one of the biggest compliments I’ve ever been paid is when (Trey) Mancini said some really nice things about me (for mentoring him last season). I still owe him that 100 dollars I’d told him I’d pay him for that.

“But that is the kind of reputation that makes me feel better than accolades and other stuff. I feel like Trey will remember that long after we’ve played and the games are over. To have an opportunity (to be a mentor) like Matt was to me and even (coaches) John Russell and Don Werner. Hopefully I can be that for the young guys.

“That is really important and a big responsibility. I feel that is heavier than even producing on the field if that makes sense. It’s a huge responsibility and a huge honor.”

Always quick with a quip, Joseph said there seemed to be more reporters to interview him this year, after a season where he had at least one RBI. Yep, he’s still got the strong sense of humor.

Joseph was asked if he feels he’s the No. 1 catcher heading into camp.

“I think everybody goes in thinking they are the No. 1 guy. I don’t think it changes how we do our preparation. You just feel excited about what can possibly happen and work hard this offseason,” he said.

Meanwhile, right-hander Dylan Bundy said this winter he spent some time analyzing his 2017 season when he went 13-9 with a 4.24 ERA. Anything he needs to tweak or change for the upcoming season?

“Every pitcher works on fastball command, that is the biggest thing,” he said. “But I think I got away from my curveball and changeup a little bit. I think everyone could see that with the slider, how many times I threw it. So that is one of the things I’ll be working on, the curveball and changeup I think.”

Bundy was asked if he, like everyone else, has been wondering who will join him and Kevin Gausman in the starting rotation?

“Yeah, definitely. We have no idea,” Bundy said. “But we’ve got some guys that have been there before and started games for us. We know they are going to be there in spring training competing and me and Kevin will be there competing. So it should be a fun spring training.”

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