Second offseason edition: “10 questions for O’s fans”

It’s that time again: time for me to ask you some questions and get your responses. Once again today, I’ve thrown out 10 questions and am looking for your responses.

Answer one question or all 10. Provide short answers or long. Respond to answers by other readers. It’s all welcome.

The first two questions are the same from last time as we’re all still looking for answers from the team so let’s get reader input on it.

Here are the questions:

1. Who do you like to become the next general manager/head of baseball operations of the Orioles?

2. Who do you like to become the next manager of the Orioles?

3. Who will lead the 2019 Orioles in home runs?

Givens-w-Wynns-Gray@TEX-sidebar.jpg4. In addition to Mychal Givens, who will get save chances next year?

5. Among O’s minor league affiliates, which ballpark have you most enjoyed attending and why?

6. Rank these pitchers by most to least wins next year: Alex Cobb, Andrew Cashner, Dylan Bundy.

7. Should the Orioles add a free agent shortstop? If yes, whom do you like?

8. Should the Orioles consider using an opener for some games next season?

9. Who will start in all three outfield spots on opening day?

10. Who gets the better total contract, Bryce Harper or Manny Machado?

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