Where are the fans with the O’s rebuild, and do they have hope?

The impression I get after a season of a lot of interaction with fans via this blog, Twitter and a radio show is this, in a nutshell: A large majority of Orioles fans are very understanding of the club’s rebuilding situation.

They have taken a mostly supportive wait-and-see approach, and they are optimistic for the future. They got frustrated with some aspects of the 2019 season and team, yet know there is a bigger picture to consider. They’re hopeful.

That is a large majority and that is just one man’s opinion. I actually heard more venom and angst from fans at other times over the years.

This reaction was a bit surprising to me. And in a good way. I thought those fans had a really good approach to the Orioles’ present and future.

oriole-park-opacy-overhead.jpgBut I don’t speak for the fans, and this is just my impression from a season of reading comments, taking calls, checking my Twitter feed and generally keeping tabs on what fans are saying.

I did try to do that amid all the other things that were going on to keep one busy this season. The fans should be heard. You guys and women, boys and girls don’t run the team, but you spend money on it, read our blogs, listen and watch the games and should be valued.

On this blog, readers know I dive in and debate fans (sometimes vigorously) and often speak my mind. It’s the only way I know to be me in such interactions, and my approach is not for everyone.

But getting back to the fans, today let’s speak to one fan - you. What is your take on the O’s rebuilding? Are you in this for the long haul? Do you agree with what they are doing? What do you think of Mike Elias and Brandon Hyde? Time to express some thoughts and be heard.

Late in the year on my radio show, I asked this question: Do you have hope for the Orioles future, and where do you find that hope?

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