It is interesting down the road

The Orioles’ neighbors to the south are one interesting baseball team right now. They lost Bryce Harper to a division rival, failed to win their division, yet won the World Series.

They overcame a poor bullpen by using their starters in relief at times in October. They got clutch offense late throughout the month and won it all. This after a terrible start to the season that produced 93 wins eventually - a total that would not have been enough to make the postseason in the American League. A total that would have left them in third place in the American League East.

They had two big free agents when the season ended, one they kept in right-hander Stephen Strasburg at $245 million and one they lost in third baseman Anthony Rendon at the same $245 million amount. They’ve now lost Harper and Rendon in back-to-back offseasons. Can Juan Soto and his mates overcome that on offense?

Baseballs glove.jpgWhere third sacker Josh Donaldson ends up could swing the balance of power in 2020 in the National League East, if it’s Atlanta or Washington. The Nats went the extra mile (or year really) to sign right-hander Will Harris to help their bullpen. Yes, the same pitcher they beat in the World Series.

Big names coming and going, a bullpen that still could be shaky, a team that started last season 19-31 and ended it in glory. These are not dull times in Washington.

A few O’s questions: Yes, this still is an Orioles blog! Here are a few questions for you to ponder today or present your own.

* Will the O’s sign a shortstop? Should they?

* Which pitcher yet to see the majors will get the most starts in 2020?

* Which player will be the biggest surprise in making the opening day roster?

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