District 34 podcast: Crossover episode for Battle of the Beltways

Come one, come all, baseball fans of the DMV: It's time for our annual District 34-Yard Work crossover episode for the Battle of the Beltways between the Nationals and Orioles!

Bobby Blanco and Byron Kerr are joined by Brian Eller of MASNsports.com's Yard Work podcast to discuss this earlier-than-usual Beltway Series and talk all things Nats and O's.

The Birds were able to take Game 1 at Camden Yards on Monday Night, thanks to three first-inning home runs off Gio Gonzalez and a baserunning mishap by Trea Turner and Adam Lind in the ninth. What was Gonzalez's issue in that rough first inning and who was at fault for the miscue that ended the Nats' late rally?

District-34-sidebar.jpgPlus, while looking ahead, what are some things the Nationals should take advantage of over the next three games against their I-295 neighbors, especially with Max Scherzer and Stephen Strasburg on the mound in the next two games? And what are some of the threats the Orioles pose that we should keep an eye on?

Of course, you can't talk about these two teams without discussing the rivalry, one that the Orioles have dominated over the past couple of years. We discuss the possibility of the series being played so early in the season having a negative effect on not just the importance of the games, but how fans perceive them. And does Matt Wieters coming to Washington from Baltimore add any extra drama when these teams meet?

We've got the two local teams covered in this special crossover episode, so we hope you enjoy it no matter who you root for! Thanks for listening and spreading the word, and be sure to subscribe, rate and review District 34 on iTunes and Google Play!

Also, please leave any questions or topic suggestions in the comments section below, or hit us up on Twitter @Bobby_Blanco and @masnKerr; we would love to incorporate more fan input into each episode throughout the season!

And if you're a baseball lover, podcast fanatic or both, be sure to check out our friends on the Yard Work podcast, as well!

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