Friday morning Nats Q&A

The offseason is officially underway, and though the Nationals (or any other club) have yet to acquire any new players, they have been busy. They've made several significant moves with their front office. They've replaced three members of the coaching staff. They've made some required 40-man roster moves, with some more to come next week.

This has the potential to be a fascinating winter for the Nats, depending on how they decide to approach things. Are they content with the status quo until the top prospects are big-league ready? Are they pondering some bigger moves that would be made not only with 2024 in mind but beyond? Will the Stephen Strasburg retirement saga ever be resolved?

I can't promise I have the answer to every one of those questions (or any others), but I can promise I'll do my best to answer them with as much insight as I have at my disposal. So go ahead and submit your questions in the comments section below, then check back for my responses ...

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