Mailbag leftovers for breakfast

The mailbag record for most repeated topic was shattered this weekend.

Relinquishing the top spot is, “How did you get this job?” Followed closely by, “How do you keep this job?”

Adley Rutschman and Gunnar Henderson are in the majors. Baseball’s back-to-back No. 1 prospects. Top pitching prospect Grayson Rodriguez also arrived. Future No. 1 overall prospect Jackson Holliday won’t make the jump from High-A, but it isn’t the most outrageous idea.

Colton Cowser and Jordan Westburg are the new obsessions.

Why aren’t they here? When will they get here? What’s it going to take to get them here? How many fake reports does it take to get them here?

So many variations on the same theme.

You’ll find more in the leftovers that I’m sharing this morning.

I also should point out that my mailbag leftovers are better than your mailbag’s idea of fine dining.

What is the reason that the O’s are keeping Jordan Westburg in Triple-A and off the 40-man? Do they have plans for him?
Yes. To bring him to the majors and put him on the 40-man. It’s when, not if. There isn’t much preventing it. He’s the reigning organizational Minor League Player of the Year. He really impressed in spring training. He’s raking with Norfolk. So, I understand why fans and media are on the Westburg Watch. A regular spot needs to open for him. I don’t think the Orioles want him getting sporadic playing time. Otherwise, he’d be fine in a utility role with his versatility.

The soon-to-be released City Connect Orioles uniforms will be revealed next Friday. Are there plans to make that the regular home uniform for Friday or Saturday games, like other teams have done?
I asked and was told more information would be shared at a later date. And then I was punched in the chest and ordered back to my seat. (OK, the last part isn’t true.)

Is Terrin Vavra a keeper?
Mrs. Vavra thinks so. And so do I, though likely for different reasons. A scout from outside the organization who’s watched him with Triple-A Norfolk and the Orioles said Vavra always has “good at-bats,” and people in the organization would agree. A high-contact guy, has some power, can play just about anywhere.

Which rock band had the best three album run? That is, a run of three straight great albums.
I love this. I’ll give it more thought because I’m gonna be guilty of a gross omission, but I’d definitely include Springsteen’s “Born to Run,” “Darkness on the Edge of Town,” and “The River.” The Beatles and Led Zeppelin will make many lists, whichever three in a row are chosen. The Rolling Stones definitely should be for “Beggars Banquet,” “Let it Bleed,” and “Sticky Fingers.” Def Leppard scores points for "High and Dry," "Pyromania," and "Hysteria". Three straight from AC/DC could be pulled anywhere, but I'm going with "Highway to Hell," "Back in Black," and "For Those About to Rock We Salute You". Metal heads will be all over Black Sabbath’s self-titled album, “Paranoid” and “Master of Reality.” I’m all over Bush’s “Sixteen Stone,” “Razorblade Suitcase” and “The Science of Things.” The Eagles offer flexibility with three straight, but I’ll go with “One of These Nights,” “Hotel California,” and “The Long Run.” You could just start at the beginning of Aerosmith and rattle off their self-titled debut album, “Get Your Wings,” “Toys in the Attic,” “Rocks” and “Draw the Line.” Amazing run.

It’s just hard to imagine Mike Elias making a big free agent or trade acquisition. Do see him doing it this July?
Oh, we're back to baseball. A free agent signing in July seems unlikely.

Fine. I'm thinking of the word "Tool" right now and it has nothing to do with music. Anyway, what about a trade acquisition?
The Orioles will be buyers if they’re contending. That’s what we’ve been led to believe. How big is unknown. Talk to any scout and he’ll say the Orioles are at least one starter short, though John Means is expected back in July. If you want someone like Dylan Cease, for example, it’s going to cost you multiple prospects.

Has Trumbo complained about Mr. Splash?
I see where you’re going here. He wasn’t responsible for the pie celebration disappearing. Don’t think he was thrilled with the ambush one night, but it was more about the risk of injury, from what I’ve heard. Bad for the eyes. He had nothing to do with it.

The Eddie Murray bobblehead promotion is scheduled for early August, and the giveaway says it commemorates the 1983 World Series. Since we're now 40 years after our last championship, will this be used as a tie-in to bring back other surviving members of that team? I've seen no other plans to honor the anniversary.
I was told that more information would be available at a later date. And then I was given a wedgie and ordered back to my seat. (OK, the last part isn’t true.)

Are victory cigars an acceptable way to celebrate a World Series win in the clubhouse? And don't way "your mom."
I'd ... what? Yes, cigars are acceptable. Adds to the smoke show. Just don’t inhale.

I want to know why Cowser or Westburg haven’t been promoted yet. Santander should be first base/DH full time to open up the outfield.
There isn’t a question here. Cowser only played in 27 games in Triple-A last year and Elias wants to get him more at-bats down there. Perhaps Westburg needs to get through May. I don’t know. There isn’t an available timetable to share.

Do you get the sense the team actually views John Means as a rotation option this season?
Absolutely. Look for him in July.

Is there a prospect in the system whom scouts, from what you’ve noticed, have really done a 360 on?
Turned in a complete circle?

A 180.
A few really had doubts that Joey Ortiz would hit but they still loved him at shortstop for the glove. Now, they think he’ll hit. A few questioned whether Colton Cowser was a center fielder. Now, they think he can play center.

Will Yennier Cano ever give up a run?
I thought maybe when he'd be 75 and invited to pitch at a fantasy camp. After he opens the inning by striking out an insurance salesman and stares him down. But he finally did against the Blue Jays last night.

After reprising his roles as Batman and Beetlejuice, which role should Michael Keaton resurrect next?
Bill Blazejowski in “Night Shift.” Bring back Henry Winkler, too, as Chuck. Oh man, that would be so sweet.

Is there any penalty for the first and third base coaches getting out of their boxes? This has always bothered me, how rarely they are in the box. Why do they even bother creating the boxes if they refuse to stay in them? Maybe a 10-game suspension will get them to follow the rules. Think of the children.
Yes, please, the children. I’m not aware of any actual penalties, but yeah, what’s the point of the boxes if they don’t stay inside? See, I’ve got questions, too. Then again, with such high exit velocities on line drives, I’d avoid the box and stand beside the left or right fielder. Literally try to hold hands with him.  

The uniforms are always so clean at the start of a game and so dirty by the end. Do teams have some amazing laundry wizard who can clean anything, or do they get a new uniform for each game?
The budget doesn’t allow for new uniforms for every game. The clubhouse attendants are hugely important behind-the-scenes workers, and the Orioles are fortunate to always have a top-flight group. Not all heroes wear capes. But they’d be spotless.

Are there plans for OPACY to add a protection net around the press box? We saw you take cover on Saturday night on that screamer back right at you.
I did not scream! Oh, screamer. Got it. No netting. Apparently, when the ballpark first opened and I wasn’t on the beat, a net stretched from the top of the backstop toward home plate like a cover for the lower section, but writers complained that it obstructed their vision. This is the tale that I’ve been told. Also, they voted against an enclosed press box with heat and air conditioning. Thanks, fellas.

Do you think we see a trade for starting pitcher at the deadline? If so, who?
I do, though don’t discount a reliever to fortify the bullpen. I don’t have names. Any team with an ace that’s in seller mode and maybe looking to shed some salary. I’d make a big-time run at Mitch Keller, but the Pirates may wanna hold onto him.

Do you prefer traveling to Toronto or Dunedin to face the Blue Jays?
No customs in Dunedin and no Air Canada flights. The bar is pretty low.

After seeing what happened with Luis Torrens, what exactly was that all about?
I really wish the Orioles had scheduled the team photo while he was here. The beat crew never got to talk to him. We did see him, though, so we can confirm his existence. The Orioles wanted a third catcher for a brief time to lessen the risk of putting Adley Rutschman and James McCann in the same lineup. It felt temporary from the start. They hoped that he’d get through waivers and stay in the organization. He opted for free agency. No tears were shed. You just move on to the next weird transaction.

When can we reasonably expect to see the team try to retain players they're counting on as part of the team's future? Is that lease agreement the first domino that has to fall? Is this held up by the MASN dispute with the Nationals?
You ask a lot of questions for a guy from New Jersey (again, RIP Gilda). Mike Elias told us recently, in no uncertain terms, that he wasn’t going to discuss extending players because it doesn’t benefit the club to air its business to agents. To let them think every conversation will go public. I don’t think the Orioles consider themselves in a financial position to hand out a huge contract. Not yet. But this is speculation and reading between lines. I believe the lease agreement and dispute are separate topics. John Angelos sounds extremely confident that a new lease will be in place by the end of the year. Maybe by the break. No one is saying the same about a resolution to the dispute, though I’ve gotta admit, I don’t hang on every non-update update.

Are fans permitted to bring in their own watering devices for the Splash Zone, like super soakers, watering cans, sprinklers, orcas?
Orcas are allowed, and you’ll have a whale of a time, but they must fit in a clear plastic bag no larger than 12 inches by six inches by 12 inches.

Will they be having celebrity’s fill in for Mr. Splash?
I’ve heard some rumblings about that. Some guest squirters, but hopefully with a better name.

When will you do a guest spot in the Bird Bath section?
I arrive every day in a Speedo and oiled up, just in case I’m asked. And this is probably a good place to stop.

Any chance they shoot lasagna or tuna casserole in the splash zone?
This is definitely a good place to stop.

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